M GO BLUE! Our Trip to A2

>> Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cosette here saying
Hail To The Victors!
It's game day in A2 ( Ann Arbor that is ) 
Mommy say's we have to dress
to impress!
The U of M marching band is playing our song
Hail, Hail to Michigan...
A nice fan took a photo of mommy and Jimmy
in "The Big House"
The largest stadium in the U.S.
Here they come..
hosting the Indiana Hoosiers
The Michigan Wolverines!
Game Over....
We win! so we win!!
A record breaking day!
What a score!!
Speaking of scoring...
It's a new day, no it's a new world
cuz' I'm about to score me some sweets
at Three Cedar's Cider Mill
Mmmm Donuts
Mommy and her bestie Mo posing post
shopping spree at 3 Cedars country store.
Did I mention I'm enrolling them in
Shopaholic's Anonymous..
Pumpkin pickin', apple bobbin', cow milkin',
hay ridin', cider sippin' fun for all..
Holy bonfire! You can even rent
the barn for your wedding
Imagine that..or not..
As our trip comes to an end
Its been fun but I gotta run..
Cosette bids a fine farewell
to Ann Arbor. See ya
next time around....


'Changing Channels'

>> Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cosette here saying Anchor's Away...
As we shove off the dock in sunny Pompano Beach, FL.

Mommy say's I look just peachy in my
hot pink polka-dot life preserver..
Our Master Mariner, Captain James Efron is on deck
steering us down the canal toward the channel..
Speaking of...Skipper Jim say's we have to name the boat
as she will need a title on her stern...
Mommy doesn't miss a beat, she declares
the boats title as 'Changing Channels'
Does that mean we need a remote?
After all mommy can't miss her show
with Dr. Sexy M.D.
O.K. with formalities over and the no wake zone in
the rear view mirror..it's time to cruise with my hair
in the breeze!!!

Seriously how does a girl get a drink around here?
Service really sucks on this craft...
Wow all that food and drink makes Cosette a dull girl...
Guess I'll just soak up some rays...

Aaargh Mates and Matie's..looks like it's time to go ashore.. 
So see ya next time when we explore...
Until then
Bon Voyage!!


>> Thursday, February 14, 2013


"Give Me A Call Banana Joe"...

Just in case you who do not know...
An Affenpinscher named Banana Joe
wins Best In Show! 
Westminster 2/12/2013 


>> Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!!
As some of you may know Cosette, Charlize the cat and Robin moved to a new home in Pompano Beach. Charlize and Cosette seem very content in their new surroundings. They are easily adapting to their new Collie roommate's. 

Typically, we do a little photo shoot with Cosette at this time of year so thought you might enjoy her photos in her new backyard. Unfortunately Charlize doesn't get too excited when she see's a camera so as usual she didn't participate.....

Thought I'd share this funny vid of Cosette flirting with the new neighbor boy.. I quickly took it on my android camera when she started showing off for the Shih-Tzu. Enjoy and have a great new year! Soon I will post pictures of the Collies and Charlize..



>> Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi guys , I's been awhile...Cosette here to say hope you have the best holiday season..this year my mommy took me to Texas. It's a nice place but it's really different from Michigan snowbanks I am usually sinking into this time of year. Mommy likes Texas cuz there are nice and special people from here...

Anyway, I'm very excited to see that even though we are in a new place Grandma and pa still have a whole shelf dedicated to awesomeness..pecan and apple pie are so yummy.


Toy Dog Club 2011 AKC Show-Miami, FL

>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday December 9th was the annual Toy Dog Club of South Florida Show in Miami,FL Congrats to our Group 1 winner a showy Min Pin with owner/handler Armando Angelbello

Groups two, three and four were the Pug, Papillon and Maltese, respectively

Every year we have a spectacular raffle and this year was no exception. Special thanks to (S)Kim Golfarb, Judy Kline and Sandee Cole for all their efforts getting the baskets wrapped and setting the up raffle table. Also to (VP)Irene Prinstein and (P)Lynn Hoffman for selling so many raffle tickets.

We also had our typical holiday munchies and goodies for all to enjoy throughout the day.

Special Thanks to our show chairman Bill Kopp for coordinating another succesful show with the AKC and MBF. Also to our chief steward Joyce Soloway for working so dilligently in the ring.

A very special thanks to our Judge Thomas E. Daniels pictured above with our group four winner. I'm sure it was a long day of looking over approximately 135 show dogs.

Pictured left to right club members who worked at the show: Sandee Cole, Arlene Benko, (P)Lynn H. Hoffman, (T)Robin G. Comer What a great show it was again this year! Stay tuned for details regarding our 2012 show date


Happy 4th Weekend!!! ( Cosette & Charlize )

>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi Guys! It's been awhile...
Cosette here, Oh yeah and my sidekick Charlize

We never miss a chance for a good photo opp
and the 4th of July is purrfect

Yeah I know I'm Adorable

Now what's up with the picnic mom?
I want pie...give me some pie...


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