Support Supernatural Year End Fundraiser Update : A Dogs Life Rescue

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year to all who visit FurEverFancy Blog...
Below: Note of thanks from Support Supernatural to their supporters and updates regarding the level of received donations in 2009 for A.D.L.R.....

Hello All,

As we conclude 2009, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude.

We honestly do not know where to begin. 2009 was a truly a wonderful year. This fandom blows us away time and time again. You creatively promote our favorite show relentlessly. You passionately promote Jared's charity consistently...

And you donate like crazy! Between our 2009 campaign fundraiser and our additional holiday fundraiser, we raised a total of $17,431! Take that in for a second. Can you believe it? Think about how many animals were saved because of YOU! You all are so amazing. Dare we say it, but you are the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!

As we enter 2010, we will of course continue to do what we have done since season two. We'll continue to promote the heck out of the most awesome show on television today and of course we will continue to raise funds for A Dog's Life Rescue. Full details will follow, but expect monthly incentives, new interviews...And a whole new site to donate - where your donation dollars will be stretched further than any site we've used before! To say we're excited is an understatement.

Please know that we would never ask anyone individually to donate, but what help we would love to have in 2010 is for you to keep doing what you do best - tell the world about Supernatural and about the good deeds we fans do. We are such huge animal advocates and being able to tie this passion into our favorite TV show has been so rewarding. We hope you are enjoying the ride as well.

Here's to a magical 2010 and a fabulous start to a new decade!

Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas
Support Supernatural:

Thanks for the update.... FurEverFancy wants to wish a
Happy New Year to Everyone at A Dog's Life Rescue and to Lindsay and Heather for everything you guys do at Support Supernatural

btw: Don't forget to watch Supernatural 9pm Thursday on CW
ALSO TNT just picked up the syndication rights so check TNT for listings starting January 4th 2010 !!!


Diva Dog Christmas

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cosette Here
Wishing You A Happy Holiday Season!

Diva Dog Christmas: it's all Lollipops and Candy Canes


A.K.C. 2009 Annual Toy Dog Club Show

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

This past Wednesday, December 02, 2009 the Toy Dog Club of South Florida kicked off a 5 day cluster show in Miami, Florida. This is our club's annual A.C.K. Toy Dog specialty.

This year we are proud to say that our entries were up in numbers, which is surprising considering the show has customarily been on a Friday. Below are some of the show exhibitors and their beautiful toy breeds.

This is a typical Show Grooming area for the participants. Some of these adorable dogs require extensive grooming, such as Yorkie's, Maltese and Poodles, while others are basically wash and wear breeds.

Here is a picture of the top group of toy puppies.

Pictured below is our club booth primarily made up of raffle items. Special thanks to Kim Golfarb and her mother for coordinating and wrapping the raffle items.

A special thanks to Show Chairman Bill Kopp, Judge Arlene Benko, Steward Joyce Soloway and the clubs pre-planning committe for making the 2009 Toy Dog Club of South Florida Specialty Show a great success.

See you all next year! I'll leave you with more pictures of the beautiful toy dogs.


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