'Changing Channels'

>> Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cosette here saying Anchor's Away...
As we shove off the dock in sunny Pompano Beach, FL.

Mommy say's I look just peachy in my
hot pink polka-dot life preserver..
Our Master Mariner, Captain James Efron is on deck
steering us down the canal toward the channel..
Speaking of...Skipper Jim say's we have to name the boat
as she will need a title on her stern...
Mommy doesn't miss a beat, she declares
the boats title as 'Changing Channels'
Does that mean we need a remote?
After all mommy can't miss her show
with Dr. Sexy M.D.
O.K. with formalities over and the no wake zone in
the rear view mirror..it's time to cruise with my hair
in the breeze!!!

Seriously how does a girl get a drink around here?
Service really sucks on this craft...
Wow all that food and drink makes Cosette a dull girl...
Guess I'll just soak up some rays...

Aaargh Mates and Matie's..looks like it's time to go ashore.. 
So see ya next time when we explore...
Until then
Bon Voyage!!


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