Fetchpet- Parkland Pumkin Patch Festival and Second Chance Rescue

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fetchpet Palm Beach and Fetchpet N.W. Broward participated in the 13th Annual Parkland Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival this past Saturday.

The festival offers a fun entertaining day for families & their canine companions.

The Parkland Pumpkin Fall Festival is also essentially a benefit to raise awareness for local pet rescues including A Second Chance Rescue

A Second Chance rescue provides foster homes for dogs acquired from kill shelters. Their goal is to re-home those dogs to forever homes. For more information go to www.asecondchancerescue.org.

At the Fetchpet booth we had an opportunity to meet festival goer's all day donning some cute Halloween Costumes. Dog's and their human companions alike. This little one doggies say's I'm Adorable!


Countess Cosette-Boo! I'ts almost Halloween

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Countess Cosette say's follow the creepy brick road to a safe, spooky and very Supernatural Halloween!



>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quinn is becoming more and more acclimated every day. He now acts as if he has been part of our family since born. He is very comfortable teasing someone when he wants to play. He grabs our 15yr olds arm with his teeth and when he is ignored he nips her in the butt then runs. He zooms around the yard and literally throws sod when he hits the corners. So often I think “look out for the fence.” Then he stops and reverses direction on a dime.

Monday, Oct 12th, Quinn went to school with Kaecee our 5yr old kindergartener for show and tell. All the kids loved him. He was such a well behaved young dog. He sat there and just let 40 little hands maul him. He didn’t try to run around or tug on his leash. One young boy in the hallway was taunting him trying to get him to play. Quinn sat quietly, although he really wanted to play. I think he enjoyed himself as much as the kids enjoyed him.

Wednesday, 10/7, he was nuetered. He moped around that evening and really didn’t feel all that well. In the morning, his tail was wagging and he seemed to have forgotten his ailment. Admittedly it was a challenge to keep him calm for a week. Thankfully, that week ended as of today. Now he is free to roughhouse and run rampant.

My parents were in town over the weekend. Both were impressed by Quinn and fell in Love with him. My Mom calls him Regal and Stately when he sits or trots. He bounces as if to say “look at me and my toy.”

We are looking forward to many good times and lots of fun with our new family member.
Written by the family of Harle Quinn


Support Supernatural 's Successful campaign for A Dog's Life Rescue closes

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Support Supernatural's First Giving Campaign for A Dog's Life Rescue has come to a close. The total raised after all was said and done is $15,542.56 not too shabby Supernatural fans!!! Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas, founders of Support Supernatural are so amazing with their supreme fundraising skills and efforts. They are pictured above along with Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, aka Sam & Dean Winchester on CW's Primetime Thursday night hit show, "Supernatural"
Jared Padalecki has endorsed A Dog's Life Rescue and his close friend and onscreen brother Jensen Ackles are so thoughtful for their help and support. Jared and Mika (ADLR mascot) are pictured above.
Even though the "official" 2009 First Giving Support Supernatural campaign has closed, A Dog's Life Rescue organizers Allison Lange and Julia Pennington (pictured above) are still in need of our support. Please visit their site directly http://www.adogsliferescue.org/ or visit Support Supernatural's cafe press store http://www.cafepress.com/SupportSPN All proceeds are donated to A.D.L.R.


Foxy and Sheeba- Rescues at their 4ever home

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi Im Foxy Nice to meetcha. This here's Sheeba guess she's playinig hide n seek

In case you couldn't guess we're Shiba Inu mixes.
We also happen to be rescue dogs. We are lucky dogs cuz we're in a Furever home with 4ever peeps. Mommy and daddy are away on a trip but they have a nice lady who comes to play.
Mommy & Daddy have a big yard for us to romp and lot's of room to roam.
After all that activity I'm jonesin' for a miniature philly cheese steak sandwich but I guess this rawhide will have to do.


Granpa Stu's Birth-Doggie Day party

>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi Cosette here! Welcome to Granpa Stu's Birthday Party We get to play dress up for Granma's sware` it's so fun to see the latest fashions. Patina looks grand in hot pink dont ya think...

It's so cool cause all my b.f.f.'s came out to celebark Granpas special day

I love Granma Lynn's play dates cause she has special treaties and pink party hats, my favorite!! I was jonesin' for some Pie but it didnt take a minute to devour granma's special cake. She say's it's liver, I say it's Sweeet! it looks like granpa Stu's cake was sweet too cause look at the size of that spoon! BOW WOW!!!


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