Support Supernatural 's Successful campaign for A Dog's Life Rescue closes

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Support Supernatural's First Giving Campaign for A Dog's Life Rescue has come to a close. The total raised after all was said and done is $15,542.56 not too shabby Supernatural fans!!! Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas, founders of Support Supernatural are so amazing with their supreme fundraising skills and efforts. They are pictured above along with Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, aka Sam & Dean Winchester on CW's Primetime Thursday night hit show, "Supernatural"
Jared Padalecki has endorsed A Dog's Life Rescue and his close friend and onscreen brother Jensen Ackles are so thoughtful for their help and support. Jared and Mika (ADLR mascot) are pictured above.
Even though the "official" 2009 First Giving Support Supernatural campaign has closed, A Dog's Life Rescue organizers Allison Lange and Julia Pennington (pictured above) are still in need of our support. Please visit their site directly or visit Support Supernatural's cafe press store All proceeds are donated to A.D.L.R.


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