Jupiter Tequesta A.K.C. Dog Show, Ringside: Italian Greyhounds

>> Friday, July 16, 2010

This past weekend many of the Toy Dog Club of South Florida members attended and competed in the Jupiter Tequesta A.K.C. All Breed Dog Show in Palm Beach, FL.
The dog show was held at Palm Beach Fairgrounds. Even with the heat outside it was a wonderful indoor, well air conditioned site.

Several of my friends were there showing various breeds large and small.
My friend and President of the Toy Dog Club of South Florida, Lynn Hoffman entered Lyncrest Phantom and Phortunes di'Caramis Phlash. He was just one of the Italian Greyhounds in her line at the event.I was the handler of Phlash for his first ever A.K.C. Conformation both on Saturday and Sunday.
Hope you enjoy the videos.

Saturday Video:

Sunday Video:


Jared Padalecki- Vote for A Dogs Life Rescue-Chase Giving

>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jared Padalecki from CW's Supernatural has a special request
Please vote for A Dog's Life Rescue in the CHASE Giving Contest

* This is a rebroadcast from Support Supernatural please visit them for more information http://www.supportsupernatural.com/

Vote on Facebook at this address:



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